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The house can be so beautiful, and the leisure fashion is performed to the extreme

Teejoli was born in Hubei Province in 1987, a girl from Xiangyang. He studied acting in Beijing and graduated from Beijing Film Academy.

In 2010, 23-year-old Teejoli began to enter the entertainment industry, starring in the very chronological TV series "The Maid Under the Big House". It was two years later that Teejoli became known to the public. In 2012, the 25-year-old Teejoli starred in "Palace Lock Bead Curtain" as the heroine, which caused a wide range of discussions at the time. In 2013, he once again starred in the TV series "Swordsman and Swordsman", which made Teejoli's name once again blast the Internet and became the target of people's Internet explosion.



Since Teejoli has rarely appeared in front of the media, has worked hard and has been in a low-key state for a long time, Teejoli's evaluation has returned to the right track after passing through the "vest line".

Overnight, all the bad words of the past seemed to disappear, which also gave me the illusion of memory confusion. If you have really experienced the Internet during that period, you will find that Keyboard Men are the biggest "source of happiness" on the Internet. In today's online society, there is no need to say that the infestation of Keyboard Men is the transit of locusts. Everyone advertises the so-called Justice and freedom. Normal people have already looked down on things such as comments, and Internet communication platforms are no longer equal.



Teejoli's home photos released this time use casual and comfortable matching styles, especially the refreshing color matching, which is even more eye-catching, plain and delicate.

The loose version does not have any sense of restraint, which shows that Teejoli is in a very comfortable state now. Although there is no exposure in the early years, it does not need to be concentrated in the network center and become the object of various criticisms.



In the online world, everyone is divided into three, six, nine, and so-called labels. Like a comment or a comment will inexplicably give you a place of origin, so-called justice passersby and netizens will begin to violent "online real-name personnel". Therefore, some of the fans represented by the fan group became the only people with weakness in this drama. It was really scary to think carefully.



Nowadays, Teejoli likes to post some selfie photos on the Internet platform. In the photos, she is in a state of contentment. The casual and comfortable styles and the extremely simple collocation have made Teejoli's appearance have another breakthrough. Beauty is the impression of her friends.



Only by keeping good faith can everyone usher in a beautiful world when the flowers are in full bloom. Because when you see a thing, you first think of its beautiful and beautiful place, and look at the whole thing with kindness, then the world will become much better.

Even though there are thousands of people, good people and bad people, but we must be firm in our hearts to walk with kindness. If everyone can do this, then there will be fewer and fewer bad people, whether in the online society or In the real world.



Some people think that celebrities are not as beautiful as we see them, and they are all made from pictures. But in fact, if you really met a real star, you wouldn't say such a thing.

Because most of the stars as long as the body is enough, the appearance and temperament are actually not too different. On the contrary, many photos are more three-dimensional and beautiful than flat photos. This is also the state of feedback from many people. After all, if celebrities are really so mediocre, wouldn't everyone be able to be the top? A trophy is good.



Teejoli's facial features are not particularly outstanding among celebrities, but the combination of them feels very comfortable. It won't be particularly offensive, but it won't be too Xiaojiabiyu, just the right state is the temperament that Teejoli brings. Therefore, Teejoli can change a variety of styles through the blessing of clothing modeling.

Korean lady teaches you how to dress! "One line" wears long legs and thin waist, transforming into a goddess of gentle temperament

Girls who like to dress and match should be familiar with the long-standing Han Faner match. The styles of the Korean ladies have won my heart, because compared to the European and American style, the Korean style is more suitable for the body and temperament of our Asian girls, and it is more gentle to control. It is a must for dating.

And the Korean lady's matching skills are indeed unique. You can wear long legs and thin waist with one line. Let's take a look at this year's popular Han Faner matching, which will make you outstanding in autumn.



Suit with short skirt

It’s not particularly cold when it’s just entering autumn, so the short skirt still shines, revealing slender legs to create a slim figure. At this time, you can use the intellectual effect of the suit to match it, making it playful and elegant.

More importantly, short skirts can create a high waistline, so the upper body appears taller and thinner.



A-line skirt shaping waist

The tailoring of the a-line skirt itself has unique advantages, and you can find its high charm in daily life. Of course, the more important thing is the waistline design. Even if the figure ratio is not good, you can use the a-line skirt to create the golden ratio.

Therefore, the design of the a-line skirt is very practical in daily life, creating a "line" to achieve the effect of showing height and thinness.



"Waistline" shaping to contrast color

The shaping of the high waistline is very simple, but to improve it requires more skills. Some collocations have a high waistline, but the effect is not obvious, which is due to the overall integration.

The waistline is more obvious, so it will be more prominent, so it will be higher. So I want to improve my skills. Then you need to make the high waist line stand out, and color contrast is the solution. This requires us to learn the aesthetic basis of color matching, and cleverly use color contrast to create a sense of hierarchy, thereby shaping long legs.



So we will find that most of the high-waist line matching styles will use contrast design, such as fashionable Korean ladies.

But for girls who have an advantage in height, they don't have to copy it completely. The same color combination hopes to be taller. Contrasting color design high waist line is more suitable for girls with less obvious figure advantages or small girls, you can modify the figure to enhance personal charm.



The jacket comes with a high waist line design, such as windbreakers such as down jackets. Therefore, even long items can be high, and small children can also control it.

After all, as the weather gets colder and colder, there will be more and more long styles. If you learn to match long styles beforehand, you can quickly master fashion.


The "one line" collocation can be tall or thin, but high heels can be taller, so it is the first choice for many girls who want to have long legs.

But high-heeled shoes are a supplementary item after all. If you want to really show your height, you still need the effect of dressing and matching.



Among all the graphics, the triangle is the most visually striking. Because the degree of sharp angles can extend the line of sight, there is more room for development, which is also the reason why the v-neck design and pointed shoes can be higher.

So we usually dress and match, in addition to paying attention to the "one line", we also need to pay attention to the high fashion of the triangle. The combination of the two does not have to be said. The long legs are owned every minute.



Most of the bottoms have a high-waist design, but people have mixed praises for the high effect of each item. But in fact, as long as they are matched properly, all high-waisted items can be displayed high without being limited by the type and color. The most important thing is whether the two items can be coordinated with each other and whether they work together.

Buy the autumn boots to look for these 4 pairs, fashionable people are wearing them, the temperament and warmth, wear early and beautiful!

For girls who love beauty, don't just focus on clothing matching in autumn. If you want a fashionable style, the choice of shoes is also crucial. Shoes are an indispensable part of the styling, and the color or style is not compatible with the clothing. Naturally, the fashionableness of the look when going out is not good.


There are many popular shoes in autumn, the following 4 kinds of warm and practical, fashionable people are wearing them. As long as you look for these 4 kinds of boots in daily life, you can not only help you create a variety of styles, but also help you dent your personality and trendy look.



One, socks and boots

First of all, the boots that are planted for everyone, the stitched knit boot tube, which is close to the curve of the calf, not only can prevent the wind but also thin the legs. The most important thing is that this very design style looks very novel, even if it is matched with simple and everyday clothing, it can also be worn with a stylish atmosphere.

Of course, this look is suitable for girls with good-looking legs. The combination of exposed legs + socks and boots are thin and temperamental, so you can easily bid farewell to the bloated autumn.



In order to pursue the practicality of boots, it is best to choose styles of the same color and different materials when stitching socks. Especially choose the black, white, gray and earth tones that are popular in autumn. They will not be outdated for long and look very strong.

The most common of sock boots is the stitching of leather and knitted fabrics, taking into account the softness and handsomeness, and any style of matching can be easily controlled.



Second, and naked boots

Naked boots are everyone's favorite item in autumn and winter, not one of them. This kind of boots firmly wraps the ankle, the upper body is thin and elegant. And bare boots generally choose low-key and versatile colors, which can basically contract all the collocations in autumn and winter.

The most common type of nude boots is this kind of high-heeled style. When matching, they choose to show a section of the calf. They seem to have a slimming effect that is even more magical than PS. It can easily enhance the appearance and temperament of the shape.



The material of nude boots is generally leather and suede. The upper body of the former looks simple and yet aura, while the latter looks more gentle.

In the increasingly cold autumn and winter seasons, this kind of warm-looking suede nude boots are very popular. If you just want to wear a high fashion style without effort, I suggest you refer to this look. The boots are in the same color and different colors as the clothing. The overall look is stronger and the feeling is more refined and chic.



The dressing style is more popular this year. If we want to dent a full look, we can choose a pair of handsome patent leather nude boots. Then learn from this group of looks, with a simple and neat pants, you can wear a low-key and aura.

The key to matching nude boots is the sense of contrast, so with loose skirts and pants, the slimming effect is more obvious.



Three, Martin boots

Speaking of handsome boots, Martin boots should be the first thing everyone thinks of. Martin boots, which can be salted and sweetened, are a popular item in the fashion circle. One pair can play autumn fashion.

And the most versatile and undoubtedly black Martin boots, the upper body is full of street feel, and it can easily make ordinary matching wear a trend.



The white Martin boots are less domineering and more refreshing. Many student parties love them deeply, because even if they are paired with sweet clothing, they will not have a sense of violation.

If you want to wear white Martin boots with a different style, you can use a white shirt skillfully. I like the college style to wear the sister paper, and the "gentle brand" sweater can be folded into the campus goddess in seconds; if you want to wear the royal sister fan, the super A black suit increases the popularity of the strong women, and looks cold temperament And domineering.



Four, high boots

For girls who like to show their legs, you must prepare a pair of high boots in autumn and winter. The upper body is warm and can be concave, which is simply a must for health girls.

For girls with good-looking legs, this kind of stretch-cloth high boots can wrap the calf to be thin and long, and wear comic legs that everyone envy.



High boots made of stretch fabric, although thin, but because they are close to the curve of the calf, it is easy to expose the imperfection of the leg shape. Girls with thick legs and not straight legs, this kind of hard-material knight boots, the hidden meat is thin and can dent a stylish look, wear early this fall!

Creamy white shirt with apple green silk skirt, Meicheng poster

Today’s protagonist is Teejoli. As an actor, Teejoli’s elegant temperament is comparable to Dong Qing and Chen Shu who are several years older than her. Her aura and temperament have reached a level that no one can match. The cold and white skin is enough to prove her elegance from the skin, but her dressing style is still biased towards the feminine style, minimalism and light luxury have become her standard, under the situation of double showing beauty I can't make her sloppy.



Recently, the beautiful photos posted on Weibo have become the object of people vying to imitate. Such an elegant temperament can be called a classic. She is really worthy of this name, who is called "Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai white and rich." She is graceful and charming in the lens, and the shooting from the death angle is also easy to control. This time, Teejoli has implemented the word "elegance" to the end. Using a black and white polka dot silk scarf as a headband increases the overall gentle and virtuous temperament, and the photo with the flower is more beautiful than the flower.



The phrase "people are more beautiful than flowers" actually exists. The appearance of colorful flowers at this moment can only be regarded as a foil, and it is really eclipsed in front of Teejoli. The low ponytail becomes more elegant and elegant because of the silk scarf. Whether it is looking up at the flowers or being flush with the flowers, every move can make people feel her charm.



Teejoli chose a creamy white shirt this time to maximize her complexion while also increasing the overall beauty. It is different from the slickness of pure cotton shirts and the softness of ice silk shirts. No bones. The fabric that cannot be seen through is worn on the body properly, and the crisp and stylish version makes the whole more concise. The wrinkle-free body ensures the purity of the large area and achieves the real minimalism.



The background is still beautiful in the lens, and the appearance of spreading arms to embrace nature is too much for the sight of the sister next door, noble and not arrogant, and immortal and approachable. Walking against the wind, because of her slender and skinny figure, even if the clothes are tightly attached to her body, it will not make people feel that there is anything wrong with her, and there is also no situation that affects her beauty.



Paired with the creamy white shirt is an apple green satin high-waisted skirt with a slim fit to make a perfect figure. In order to avoid errors in the overall effect, she chose to tie the hem of the top to make the body proportions easily divided without the help of external factors. Teejoli sitting on the wooden high stool is really flattering, Wen The introverted, literary and elegant appearance really satisfies all people's imagination of beautiful women.



The image of holding an umbrella in one hand and holding a flower in one hand makes Teejoli's persona more simple and beautiful. If there is such a temperament, the flower seller believes that no one will bear to say no. This time, she chose a pleated body design with a small stand-up collar design, and the layering and femininity will be more apparent than the shirt version. The dark brown high-waisted pleated skirt has outstanding temperament, and the skirt does not affect her elegant temperament. The light and smart appearance is really super nice.



People with white skin and small skeletons wear tube top dresses really beautiful, like this pink and purple mesh tube top dress on Teejoli. The chest contour design is full of sense, the small V-shaped collar becomes more prominent here, and the large area of ​​skin exposure fully exudes her femininity, and the black outer waistband appears on the dreamy pink purple mesh skirt. It looks abrupt, which also reflects from the side how all-match black is out of date. The mesh skirt composed of multi-layer mesh fabrics is light and breathable. The air-tight style composed of see-through fabrics is indeed more fashionable than the version made of non-perspective fabrics.


The new variety show Reuters is so beautiful that it can’t be recognized, the full screen and long legs are too beautiful

Today's protagonists are the four members of Teejoli, as the trending stars who have just returned, their resources are too good to say. Recently, in order to participate in "Knowing Brother", the latest Reuters went to work. All four beauties were incarnations of high school students, wearing uniforms to become obedient students. The picture is really eye-catching.



The appearance of Teejoli's new album is enviable, and the image of "rich women" is enough to prove their noble and elegant. I originally thought that they just turned into gorgeous princesses for the MV effect, but I didn't expect them to be invisible in private. All members choose gray pleated skirts to become high school students, and the visual sense of childishness and age is too beautiful. The screen is full of long legs. The picture is really eye-catching, and sure enough, the body of a good-looking person is not too bad.



Although the uniforms of all the staff are worn in the high school era, everyone’s personality is clearly revealed. Let’s take a look at Lisa first. She herself is a bit weird. This time, she has a shoulder-length, obedient female hairstyle. She has become more kawaii, who has the title of doll. In order to be in line with fashion, she deliberately chose pink ear-dyeing in her hairstyle. She has a fashionable personality and reveals rebelliousness in her cuteness.



This time, Lisa chose a dark-colored outfit. Although the members wore high-waist pleated skirts, they gave more of their fashion skills in the choice of tops. Lisa chose to use a short white neutral collar for self-study lining, which neatly showed her unique style. In order to increase the sense of hierarchy, I chose to match it with a short black suit. The slim-fit upper body effect is really amazing.



And Jin Zhixiu chose a recently popular shoulder pad puff sleeve and high-waist pleated skirt to match, refreshing and concise. The white shirt fabric has become a lot more fashionable because of the loose sleeves, and the appearance of the card-colored knitted vest makes the whole more gentle and temperamental. In order to be more unified, she chose light coffee color low-top loafers to cooperate with it. Both the color and the version are to increase the integrity and make the whole more harmonious and unified.



Jin Zhenni herself gives people a lovely and loving sense of sight, especially her baby fat face that makes people unable to help but poke her face, which adds to her girlishness. This time, O'Neill chose an off-season outfit, and the overall effect is impressive. A white knitted scarf is placed on the well-conventional white shirt, and the small and delicate hook line makes the whole look very fashionable.



In order to increase the sense of hierarchy and to complete the color matching, she chose to wear a black slim waistcoat over the white shirt. The gentleman is elegant, concise and recognizable, gentle and handsome, which forms a certain contrast with her usual image. , The visual effect reaches full marks. Even the most difficult-to-digest black lace-up shoes can be easily controlled. It really doesn't make people applaud for her fashion expression.



The reason why Park Chae-young is prominent among the four is because she chose short-sleeved items. In order to increase the sense of layering, she did not abandon the layering and matching. Similarly, in order to show her body advantage, she chose to show her slim arms. The short-sleeved shirt is simple and beautiful. Pairing with a high-waist pleated skirt is more girlish, and she is full of vitality with her running hard.



The pink hair became particularly conspicuous against the sun. Park Chae-young, who exudes a girlish light, is really the fairy herself! A simple off-white outfit can't affect her colorful image. From this perspective, Ouni’s figure is really beautiful in the past. The high waist pleated skirt fully demonstrates the advantages of the figure, refreshing and not greasy, and the full screen and long legs are really a feast for the eyes.

magazine reproduces the spirit of women's volleyball, wearing sportswear is cool and advanced

Many people go out to relax and relax. Of course, many people don't like to travel when there are too many people, because the crowds greatly affect the experience of vacation.

At this time, the cinema, a leisure and entertainment venue, has become the goal of many people. This year, due to the epidemic, many excellent film and television works have been postponed from the Spring Festival file to the National Day file, which has tempted many people to watch the film.



At the end of the National Day, Teejoli's "Win the Championship" became the biggest winner this year, and the box office has now exceeded 600 million.

As for Teejoli, I believe everyone should be familiar with it. The 54-year-old has played countless classic roles and has a very strong influence in the domestic and international film and television circles. She is a well-deserved "Gong Huang".



"Winning the Championship" was originally called "Chinese Women's Volleyball", and Teejoli restored the magical character "Lang Ping" in the movie. His natural and real acting skills were very moving.

Recently, a group of Teejoli's sports-themed cover magazines were released. This time she reproduced the spirit of women's volleyball. Teejoli arranged the magazine as a movie poster this time, and the story is full without losing the queen's aura. This temperament is really no one!



Teejoli's dress in this fashion blockbuster is also very seductive. Minimalist sports shorts suit, because wearing a khaki coat, mix and match an elegant and sporty look.

This time, the combination of fashion and sportswear, whether in color or style, gives a strong visual contrast. However, when combined with Gong Liyun's light temperament, there is no sense of disobedience, unexpectedly creating a satiny and high-end dressing effect.



Teejoli wore sportswear to shoot magazines this time, and the outer jacket helped her dent the queen's aura, and the tight-fitting sports vest + shorts matched her figure, looking youthful and beautiful without losing her femininity.

In particular, the addition of sports stockings shifted her attention to her legs, and the "comic legs" envied by the duo added to the fashion charm of the model. Just talk about the temperament of this figure, can you believe that the goddess is 54 years old?



This time the cover blockbuster, Teejoli is full of tension in both eyes and movements, so even wearing sportswear can be powerful. In this photo, Teejoli, who is wearing this black hair, has a cool and handsome elbow supporting her knee. His eyes are cold and charming, and he looks very amazing!



Teejoli's match this time, the collision of black, white and red, really shows the fashion and vitality of the sporty style to the fullest. The white T-shirt and the U-neck sports vest are layered together, and you can easily wear them with a personality and lively temperament. Red sports shorts have a vibrant color scheme, and because the material has its own luster under the light, it looks exquisite and textured, and the details enhance the fashion taste of the shape.


The color-blocking leather jacket has a neutral atmosphere, and because she wears sports belts and punk-style metal chain accessories, she increases the diversified charm of the shape, and easily wears sportswear out of a new fashion style.


Compared with the complicated and fancy collocation of the previous outfit, Teejoli's look this time looks simple and sporty, and it is also very suitable for daily wear.

Teejoli's dress is tight and loose. A tight knit sweater is paired with gray slacks, which looks thin without losing a sense of loss. And the decoration of the red letter belt on the waist becomes the finishing touch of the shape, lighting up the sporty atmosphere of the shape, and also echoing the sports hairband on the head, which looks personality without losing taste.



Teejoli can be called the goddess of Frozen Age. The years have never left the slightest mark on her face. The 54-year-old slap shot can amaze everyone.

Although Teejoli's facial features are not outstanding, they are very recognizable when combined together. Especially in this black and white photo, the rich colors that are absent, look full of retro charm, once again let her beauty reach a new height.



Teejoli is not only a benchmark in the movie circle, but also a well-deserved king in the fashion circle. Her red carpet look has hardly lost. This time she was wearing a black dress, because the leather girdle decoration outlines a graceful curve, looking thin and chic. Of course, because of the shooting angle she looked up at, she also showed her full look at the audience!

One person, one dog is enviable, and the beach is shot into a blockbuster

Whether it is office workers or actors who have no fixed holidays, they all hope to get a holiday on legal holidays. Teejoli is undoubtedly lucky. This time, catching up with the National Day holiday let her experience the happiness of ordinary people. The beautiful photos of her on social platforms really make people become citric acid in seconds. The artistic conception of one person, one dog and one seaside is so beautiful. The effect of the sky mirror makes people can’t help but punch in.



Although everyone knows that most of this beautiful environment needs to be completed by post-grading, it does not affect people's yearning. On the contrary, they will be happy because of the environment that can shoot large movies. Teejoli’s holiday photos can be said to provide a model for girls who can’t take pictures. One-third of the shots in the mirror do not break the beauty of the original picture and can also adjust people’s emotions to the highest level. The cover of romance novels.



The scene of the sea and the sky is really dreamy, and the visual experience of Advanced Blue is very substituting, as if you are here as a third perspective, concise and innovative. Wearing a coffee-colored coat, Teejoli did not destroy the overall beauty. On the contrary, her appearance injected "heating" into this cool environment.



Teejoli's personality itself is not a particularly high-cold beauty. It is her nature to be cute and funny. She looks very cute with a shovel in hand, and she wins without the image of a star. The black shoulder-length hair is not taken care of too much, fluffy and casually tied into a ponytail, simple and casual. However, she has a special personality of choice, a white T-shirt as the base, a mint green knitted sweater on the outside, and a coffee color windbreaker as the final summary, rich in layers, concise and fashionable.



Looking into the mirror, she is like a childish little girl, chasing the wind freely and freely, fully enjoying the gifts of nature, completely abandoning the dignified and elegant image of the female artist, as expected, the child is still a child. In order to be more concise and atmospheric, she did not choose dark-toned trousers. A pair of white tights that caught the eye made the whole more three-dimensional and beautiful.



The appearance of white slim trousers gives the fluffy and stylish knitted sweaters and coffee-colored windbreakers a sense of restraint. The overall appearance of the upper pine and the lower tight makes the autumn clothes that are not easy to show themselves more contoured. The white trousers and the white sneakers have completed the color matching, and the integrity has not only increased a little bit!



Teejoli's face is a standard melon face. From small to large, her facial features are exquisite to impeccable. The sweet appearance adds to her deceptiveness, cute, smart and sweet and delicate. In the lens, she is wearing a pink printed sling, with a low collar revealing a high collarbone, with a slender skinny and three-dimensional appearance. Put on a stiff and stylish denim jacket, loose and comfortable, one tight and one loose version outlines a graceful figure.



Standing in front of the brown background board, Teejoli has a bit more elegant temperament that he doesn't usually have, and looks more gentle and graceful. The black and white stitching shirt is full of personality. The hollowed-out style on the shoulders adds to the overall beauty, fades a bit childish, a bit more mature and sexy, and the coiled hair design increases her aura, giving people a kind of instant growth Both visual sense, very intriguing.



Although Teejoli looks cute, she has become more and more feminine with age. The white T-shirt is paired with the gentleman's elegant high-waisted five-point shorts, and the trouser legs are not knee-length to increase the overall clean effect. In order to be more upscale, she directly matched it with black high-heeled boots, and the way of dressing that exposed her knees showed her thin ability.